Why is investing important?

Investing gives a person the ability to grow money they already have.

Where should I start?

The most popular forms of investing are typically bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and real estate. I would recommend beginning with mutual funds to get a feel for how investments work. There is more info on these investments on my website.

When should I start?

Start as soon as possible. When it comes to investing, time can either be your best friend or greatest enemy. Wealth builds over time, so use it to your advantage.

Should I hire a broker?

It depends on what you are looking to do. If you do, be sure to do research on them to make sure that they are not going to lose all of your money. If you don’t like who you have, don’t be afraid to switch.

How much should I invest starting out?

Start with a small enough amount that you would be okay losing. Like anything, investing takes practice. Don’t throw your entire life savings into an account before you even know what it does.